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Welcome to SMS Mzd Marketing webportal, U can send SMS Message to more then 80000 Muzaffarabdians as low as 0.7 per SMS


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SMS MZD Marketing

Cell phone marketing is definitely the most personal and effective method of direct marketing. Its potential is just now being fully realized. Be many steps ahead of the others by adopting it in your overall marketing strategy.

Send SMS Message to 100,000 Cell Numbers of MZD Citizens


This service will benefit to Colleges, Institutes, NGO’s, Commercial & Business Institutions, Individuals, Groups, Religious & Political Organizations & Others.
SMS MZD Marketing Service can be use for the announcements, promotions & advertisement purpose only.

Moon Creation Offers:       
SMS Marketing in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir on 100,000 Cell numbers among youngsters & citizens of AJK

No. Name QTY
(i) Students 40000 (Cell Numbers)
(ii) Business Community  35000 (Cell Numbers)
(iii) Officials & Civilians 25000 (Cell Numbers)
  Total Cell Numbers: 100000 (Cell Numbers)


No. QTY of Numbers  Total Charges
PKG-1 = SMS on 25,000 Nos for = Rs: 1000
PKG-2 = SMS on 50,000 Nos for =   Rs: 2000
PKG-3 = SMS on 75,000 Nos for = Rs: 3000
PKG-4 = SMS on 1,00,000 Nos for = Rs: 5000

Which will deliver in a 2-4 weeks,
Please reply if u r interested or for more details
Please Call on 05822448762

Payment Options:
You can send Payment through UBL Online or Money Order ....more....

SMS Message Example:
[MCSIT] Moon Creations School of Information Technology Starts Web Development Classes from 1st April 2009, Plz visit or call: 03469654573

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